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In the field of real estate, we talk about old housing for any housing (house or apartment) that has already been the subject of a transfer: sale, inheritance, donation … The age of housing is not effective taken into account. A new dwelling is, for its part, a dwelling whose construction has been completed and has not been inhabited or used.

And according to the tax services, housing must have been the subject of a single act of purchase.

More on old housing and new housing

More on old housing and new housing

You want to buy a property but do not really know what to choose between an old housing and a new housing?

The purchase of old housing is the largest share of the real estate market but the purchase of new homes is now growing. The purchase of new homes has indeed very advantageous tax systems such as the zero interest rate loan (PTZ +) or the Scellier device.

  • The zero plus loan is a credit of which no interest is payable. It allows the financing of a construction or purchase of a new home.
  • The Scellier law is a device to help purchase a home bearing the BBC (Low Consumption Building) label. It concerns rental investments and allows a tax reduction smoothed over 9 years.
  • The acquisition of new housing is not subject to a registration fee, such as old housing, which allows the buyer to save money.
  • All new housing is subject to a property tax exemption for the first 2 years, taking effect upon completion of the work.
  • In terms of co-ownership fees, you also save money because you will not have any major work to do before long.
  • The labels and standards bring you many guarantees on your electrical installation, heating …
  • The biennial guarantee covers any risk of malfunction of all the technical installations of a building and allows the support of repairs of equipment that is not part of the housing (doors, windows, shutters …).
  • The ten-year guarantee covers for 10 years any risk relating to the waterproofness of the building, the roof, the foundations …

The word of the broker

The word of the broker

Do not let the bank’s borrower insurance: choose freely your insurer to save on the overall cost of credit that will finance your purchase in the new or old years.

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